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Does Alcohol Cause Joint Inflammation in Arthritis?

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People often report that their joints hurt after drinking. What causes this pain? And does alcohol cause joint inflammation?

Read on to discover how alcohol consumption affects joints and arthritis. And learn how to alleviate joint pain with a joint replacement in Baltimore or other remedies.

Can Drinking Alcohol Cause Joint Inflammation in Arthritis?

Some people have heard that consuming alcohol in moderation can reduce inflammation. For instance Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, does have some anti-inflammatory effects.

That being said, does wine cause inflammation in the joints? And what about other alcohol? For example, does beer cause inflammation of the joints?

The answer is Yes. Alcohol causes additional inflammation in the joints of people who have arthritis.

The reality is that alcohol consumption is likely to do more harm than good if consumed in excess. This is especially true for someone with pre-existing joint conditions such as:


The inflammatory arthritis known as gout coincides with increased levels of uric acid in your blood. Beer, wine, and other liquor has high amounts of purine, which is a compound that causes gout attacks.


This degenerative joint disorder stems from cartilage breaking down in the body. Inflammation caused by alcohol can worsen this condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

While some studies suggest that low amounts of alcohol consumption can help prevent joint problems, those who already suffer from conditions like RA are more prone to pain and damaging effects.

If you experience joint aches after drinking alcohol, then it could be an indication of a more severe condition. You should consult your doctor to determine the appropriate amount of alcohol consumption after a proper diagnosis.

Why Joints Hurt After Drinking

There are several reasons why alcohol can lead to joint pain including:


Alcohol removes water from the bloodstream. This causes dehydration and thus various joint and other pains.


Alcohol inflames the body tissues. This is why those with chronic joint conditions may experience even more pain after drinking.

Drug Interference

When prescribed medication to alleviate joint pain, there is a reason that the doctor will typically warn against alcohol usage. It can disrupt the medicine’s ability to relieve pain and even interfere with bodily functions.

How Much Alcohol Can I Drink If I Have Joint Pain or Arthritis?

The safe amount of alcohol consumption depends on various factors unique to the individuals’ health and joint condition. Communicate with your doctor about the appropriate level of alcohol.

Some patients find that an occasional drink or two during the week or on special occasions is okay. However, always use moderation while balancing your health with having fun.

Relieve Your Joint Pain — Get Help

If you are considering joint replacement in Baltimore, you should consult with medical experts today. That way, you can get your questions answered regarding alcohol, joint pain, and options for pain relief.