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My Knee Hurts When I Put Weight On It — Why?

My Knee Hurts When I Put Weight On It — Why?

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You may have discovered recently that you aren’t able to put any weight on your leg. If you’re experiencing moderate to severe pain in your knee due to placing weight on it, there could be several reasons. It’s important to reach out to a knee pain specialist immediately if you experience this symptom.

However, keep reading so that you can understand a high level of how weight and knee pain can be related. And know that specialists for knee pain in Baltimore are available if you have any questions.

Why You Have Knee Pain When You Put Weight On It

Keeping your knees healthy can ensure you enjoy lifelong mobility and comfort. But if you’re thinking “My knee only hurts when I put weight on it,” then you might still not be in the clear.

Here are several potential reasons why you experience knee pain when putting weight on it:

ACL Tear

Your ACL or anterior cruciate ligament stabilizes the knee. It holds your thigh bone and shin bone together. If you tear your ACL, then your bone will be more vulnerable when moving or putting pain.

It can cause incredible amounts of pain when putting any weight on it. Therefore, there’s a good chance that this is the cause of your knee pain since it’s a very commonly injured ligament.

Bone Fracture

Your knee has three bones: the patella, the tibia, and the femur. Any one of those bones could be fractured due to an accident or stress due to a significant event. When a bone bleeds, when a bone is fractured, it bleeds.

This creates additional blood flow into that area in order to fight infections. Because of the excess fluid, you could notice a warm or painful sensation around your knee. This is especially true when you put weight on it.

Torn Meniscus

A meniscus tear could be another cause of knee pain. Your meniscus is a type of cartilage. This rubbery cartilage is situated between your thigh bone and shin bone. It’s designed to absorb shock from walking around during the day.

You could twist your knee the wrong way and tear this meniscus. This removes the cushion for your knee bones. This creates a lot of pain due to the nerves around your knee.


Tendonitis means that one of your tendons attached to the knee could have a small tear, which causes it to be inflamed. Particularly, patellar tendonitis happens when your tendons that hold the muscle and the bone together get torn.

Similarly to other injuries in the knee, additional blood flow is sent to the area to fight infection. This creates soreness and thus pain. That’s why when you put a weight on your knee, it could be a result of tendonitis if you feel discomfort.

Knee Bursitis

Bursa, or small sacs in your joints that provide cushion, can become inflamed or swollen. They can actually create your bones to be misaligned. Your bones or muscles could even grind against each other, which causes pain when you put weight on them.

How To Relieve Knee Pain

You should consult a knee pain specialist to understand your options for reducing knee pain. There could be various physical therapy exercises like strength training to help restore your knee’s ability to support the body.

It may also require some manual tissue therapy or manipulation or even draining. Heat and ice therapy can also be helpful. In some circumstances, surgery is necessary. That’s why it’s simply best to consult a joint doctor to get a proper diagnosis first.

Discover A New Way Of Life Without Knee Pain

The leading regional specialists in knee and joint pain are located at Ascension St. Agnes Orthopedic and Spine Institute. We can help you regain your mobility and restore damaged knee cartilage.

If surgery isn’t necessary, we’ll also advise you on some less invasive ways to regain your freedom of movement. So schedule an appointment today and discover what you can truly do with the new you.