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Do You Have a Hip Injury? Here’s How to Tell

Do You Have a Hip Injury? Here’s How to Tell

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If you’re experiencing hip pain, there’s a good chance you may have a hip injury. It’s essential to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a hip injury so that you can get the treatment you need. An expert orthopedic doctor in Baltimore can diagnose and treat your hip injury and help get you back to feeling like new.

You should know some undeniable signs and symptoms of a hip injury.

1) Pain in the Groin Or Front of the Hip

You may experience pain in the area around your groin, located between your stomach and thigh. It may be localized or radiate down to your knee. You may also feel pain outside the hip joint or in the center front of your hip when you flex and extend your hip joint. This happens when muscles and tendons attached to the hip joint become injured.

2) Difficulty Moving Your Hip Or Leg

If you have difficulty bending your leg at the knee or rotating your leg outward, this may indicate a hip injury. Additionally, if it is hard for you to move from side to side or get up from a seated position, these could also be signs of an underlying issue. Pain or stiffness in the hip area can indicate trauma or inflammation, so it’s important to note any sudden changes.

3) Limited Range of Motion in the Hip Joint

When your hips are injured, you may experience difficulty in entirely moving your hips either up, down, or side to side. This is usually due to swelling, inflammation, and tightness in the muscles surrounding the joint. If you feel like you can’t move your hip as much as you used to be able to, or it feels uncomfortable when pushing it further, it may be a sign of a hip injury.

4) Swelling in the Joint Area

The joint area around the hip may become swollen and tender if you have a hip injury. This can be caused by inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the joint and increased pressure on the joint due to swelling in its surrounding muscles or ligaments. Pay attention to changes in your hip’s size, shape, and consistency.

5) Difficulty Walking Or Standing

Hip injuries can cause difficulty with movement, including walking and standing. Pain in the hip area when performing these activities is a common symptom. Additionally, you may experience an inability to move your leg outward from the body due to pain or stiffness. This happens when the hip flexor muscle is affected. Pain when shifting your leg weight can also happen if the hip joint is affected by an injury.

6) Weakness in the Lower Body

You may experience weakness in your lower body due to a hip injury, which can cause difficulty performing daily activities such as climbing stairs or getting out of bed. Your hips are essential for providing support and balance to your body, so if this becomes compromised, you may feel weaker than usual in the affected area.

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